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Purchase the double disc, which includes an audio CD and a DVD disc. in order to purchase connect to your PayPal account and then click on the first link below. In the Amount area, type $ 15 and click Next to pay. After payment has been made, we will contact you to receive the shipping details. If you encounter any problem, do not hesitate to contact us.

the Story of the Show:

The disc was recorded from our virtuoso show at the Klezmer Festival in Tzfat 2013 in The central stage of the HaMa'ayan HaRadum Square. the CD allows you to enjoy a young, energetic and happy performance, and feel part of the audience that was with us in Tzfat. In the show we combined famous Klezmer pieces and passages from the Jewish tradition. We have incorporated passages from Eastern Europe as well as famous passages from the Sephardic tradition. The stories tell the story of the Jewish people in the Diaspora and the longing to return to the Land of Israel and settle there again.

The tracks in the album:

An integral part of the klezmer's work and the most important "mitzvah" for them, is to please the bride and groom. so we chose to combine famous pieces of this tradition, such as 'wedding Medley" and "Donna – Donna" song. The CD also includes rhythmic and joyous pieces such as "Jerusalem songs", passages from Jewish tradition such as "Adon Olam" and "Oseh shalom", and "Czardas" a famous classical work that known for its Jewish influence.

Klezmer musicians accompanied the life of the Jewish people in difficult moments as well as exciting or happy moments, and as viewers and listeners, you can rejoice and be moved with us in the unique tradition of the Jewish people.

The musicians in the album :

Maxim Solniker - Clarinet
Omri Rivlin - Accordion
Amir Kovalski - Keyboar
Amir Bresler -  Drums

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